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Thanksgiving Tablescapes

November 25, 2014 8:19 pm

Add some life in case the conversation doesn’t have any.  No doubt the conversation will eventually flow and be amazing, but for those rocky starts between relatives that haven’t been seen in year, flowers are easy to talk about and make a room feel more filled with life. Plus they’re so much fun to pick out and arrange in whatever way fits your table best. We love how these are arranged around a white pumpkin base and add a kick of color. Make it personal. You know these guests well enough to invite them into your home, so add a personal touch to your table setting with a place card or a gift for each guest. Everything needs a home. Take a minute of prep time before you go shopping and decide where everything can sit on the table. You don’t want guests crowded out by the gravy bowl. Do the same for your tablescape and figure out how much room you have, is there space for a charger, dessert plate, salad bowl, and wine glass? If there isn’t you won’t bother looking for any and everybody wins. But if you have a large table and a smaller group you... View Article

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