Thanksgiving Tablescapes

November 25, 2014 8:19 pm

Add some life in case the conversation doesn’t have any. 

No doubt the conversation will eventually flow and be amazing, but for those rocky starts between relatives that haven’t been seen in year, flowers are easy to talk about and make a room feel more filled with life. Plus they’re so much fun to pick out and arrange in whatever way fits your table best. We love how these are arranged around a white pumpkin base and add a kick of color.


Make it personal.

You know these guests well enough to invite them into your home, so add a personal touch to your table setting with a place card or a gift for each guest.


Everything needs a home.

Take a minute of prep time before you go shopping and decide where everything can sit on the table. You don’t want guests crowded out by the gravy bowl.

Do the same for your tablescape and figure out how much room you have, is there space for a charger, dessert plate, salad bowl, and wine glass? If there isn’t you won’t bother looking for any and everybody wins. But if you have a large table and a smaller group you will know to search for a few extra pieces to fill the space. If you are filling space, a great option is to set out a printed menu for the evening.

etsyweddings-housethatlarsbuilt-diymenu-LRG (1)


Extras are good. 

Consider adding an extra table off to the side with a pitcher a water, extra napkins, and spare silverware. It can also serve to hold side dishes that wouldn’t fit on the table and eliminate a few trips to the kitchen.

Simple is ok.

You don’t have to have a matching set of 15 turkey plates or pumpkin bowls, all white table settings look elegant and clean and are probably already in your kitchen. There isn’t always a need to buy special plates because Thanksgiving is about being thankful, not wasteful. However if you do have 25 guests coming, you may want to expand you collection to accommodate, but choose something that can be used in all seasons.


Activities aren’t just for children.

Thanksgiving has an implied thankfulness but adding an activity into your tablescape that ensures everyone verbalizes their thanks is a great touch. It can be as easy as 5 kernels of corn at every place settings, or as fun and personal as a table mat that you write on. Sharing what you are thankful for makes this holiday about more than just great food and fun decor.

blog-thanksgiving place mat kraft paper white ink 3

Tall is good!

You may naturally stray away from tall items to add to your table but there isn’t a reason! So long as your centerpiece is low enough to be seen over, tall thin objects can break up the space and be easily seen past so as to not stop conversation. So pull out those beautiful candle sticks that rarely see the light of day and let them light your tablescape with a warm glow. We love how this table used an almost wine-glass like vase with a tint to it.


Make it work for you.

We  don’t know your guest list, supplies, personality, or favorite color. Make sure that whatever your tablescape may be it fits you and your family, regardless of what that entails. If your plates don’t match, it adds fun! If your table gets overfilled, they know you really wanted this to be great. Whether you go modern, traditional, eclectic or otherwise you know your group far more than any article can. So take a deep breath before diving into your Thanksgiving prep and know that whatever you make will fit your group perfectly.


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