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7 ways to keep your gift wrapping supplies organized

December 26, 2015 2:59 pm

Gift wrapping season is upon us! Get an early start and stay organized with any of these ideas to avoid mess and stress after you finally find the perfect gift. 1. Frame It! Using old frames (or new ones) install curtain rods across the frame and the paper will be accessible and displayed at all times. This framed design allows your pretty papers to work as decor and makes them easy to access anytime. 2. Pantry Method With a pantry organizer from any local home store you can create a hidden gift wrapping storage area. This provides great visibility (when desired) and accessibility of the supplies and holds a fair amount of supplies without any problems. The drawback to this option is that you have to be sure to secure the tops of the rolls or you may wind up opening the closet and subsequently flinging wrapping paper rolls across the floor. 3. Shoe Organizer Upgrade Using an everyday canvas over-the-door show organizer, carefully cut the bottom of the second and third row pockets open and you have several categories to store your paper in! This option eliminates the problem of the pantry hanger because it holds the wrapping paper... View Article

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Shopping for Vintage Pieces With Style Scout

May 3, 2015 3:01 pm

Ever find something while out shopping and don’t know what exactly to do with it but you just have to have it? Style Scout Michelle talks about How to Style Vintage Finds into your home décor. Vintage art is a really fun and easy way to incorporate something unique into your home. Michelle says the key to buying vintage art is finding something that you really love. Whether you think the frame, print, or colors are amazing, Michelle advises to buy it. When you’re buying other pieces there are other things you need to keep in mind too. If you want to buy a large piece at a resale shop the most important thing is quality. Keep in mind if you buy something in poor condition it may cost more to fix than its worth. Scouring resale shops for just the right piece takes time usually, if you want that vintage flair in a short amount of time try stylish wallpaper. Get vintage flair without antiquing with Fresco Textured Motif Wallpaper. It’s textured so it can seem older than it actually is. Another great option would be Newsprint Silhouette as a border around your room. Check more great videos and tips or... View Article

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Finding New Treatments for Old Treasures

April 26, 2015 3:01 pm

Going to the flea market you might not know what to expect or what to buy, but leaving at least something will have been accomplished. Vendors often have their booths set up in interesting ways so even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll likely get some home décor inspiration. Watch Cindi as she figures out How to Use Unique Flea Market Finds. By using items in unexpected ways, the item has gained new life and purpose. You would be surprised at how many things can be used for multiple purposes. Wall coverings can actually be used in more than one way. Try framing a pieces of beautiful wallpaper like Victorian Garden. Pieces of Raymond Waites American Vintage Ii wallpaper could make for an easy “art gallery”. Still lacking in home decor inspiration? Follow Cindi on Pintrest or watch more Style Scout videos.

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Craft Custom Lampshade

April 21, 2015 3:01 pm

Sometimes tragic events like stains or ugly lampshades happen, and it’s okay. The eyesore of your home décor can be saved with some wallpaper and glue.  Wallpapering a lamp shade is a quick and easy way to update your lamp without spending too much money. You can choose just about any wallpaper you’d like for this craft. The only exception would be textured wallpaper, when the lamp is on the light won’t come through evenly. Try using Document Damask or Graphic Damask to get the same look. Scroll through other options to find a wallpaper that matches the decor already in your home. One tip though, use scrapbooking paste instead of wallpaper paste for less ripples when the wallpaper is applied. Go through our pins for more craft ideas here.

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Easy Beautiful DIY Wallpaper Lanterns

April 15, 2015 3:01 pm

Dress up lighting options around your house with wallpaper. These little luminaries would be perfect for a picnic or for a more romantic dinner. You could make quite a few of these quickly if needed. All you have to do is cut the outer edges of whatever part you want to stick out, like here the flower petals and birds have been cut to pop out. We’d recommend a floral print with bigger flowers so it’s easier to cut. Our top choices are Aqua Floral Birds Trail or Isabelle. We love Aqua Floral Birds Trail because of the great color. Isabelle is also a great idea because the pattern is so large. Check our inventory for more choices. For different variations on the project, check out our Pintrest.

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Laura Ashley Love

April 10, 2015 3:01 pm

If Martha Stewart and Downton Abbey came together for a decorating mash up, it would look something like Laura Ashley’s collection of wallpaper. The style is crisp, clean, and sophisticated with a bit of whimsy. Laura Ashley products have hopped over the pond to be used in your home just for you. The wallpapers vary from floral prints to stripes to Damask patterns. No matter which pattern you pick, it will have the elegance that Laura Ashley is known for. The wallpaper used here, Elvedon, could be for a traditional home with almost color palate. Freshford is bright wallpaper that is still posh enough to go in a formal dining room. Laura Ashley is European style in the most modern sense but still a classic brand with a price range that can work for any home.

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Simple but Stunning Stair Risers

April 2, 2015 3:01 pm

If you live in a small space you need all the room to decorate as you can get. Even if you don’t, these wallpapers stair risers are definitely one of our favorite craft ideas. Risers could all be one pattern or could complement each other like the picture above. This project could be done fairly quickly, making it ideal for empty weekends. To get this look, try Open Trellis and Mini Trellis from American Blinds. Check out our other great wallpaper crafting ideas.

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Simple Color Palates With Major Wow

March 28, 2015 3:01 pm

Wow guests when they walk in with a simple palette of blue, white, and tan. While the colors aren’t flashing neon, this design is still very eye catching. While this room has tile on the wall that has been painted, a simpler way to get this look is with wallpaper. Tuscania – Blue & White from Stroheim has the same shades of blue and it looks classic yet modern. Finish off your room with this blue and white urn from Williams-Sonoma. It’s elegant and friends will be dying to know where you got it from! Scour flea markets and vintage stores for a cabinet that has all the cool gold hardware or add your own hardware like one of these pulls from Show us what you came up with from this design inspiration!

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More Than Basic Butterfly Wallpaper

March 21, 2015 3:01 pm

We absolutely love butterflies, on anything especially wallpaper. They are colorful and remind us of spring, even when we’re stuck in winter. The only problem with decorating with animals is trying to make it look mature but not boring. When looking through House Beautiful, we found a few butterfly print wallpapers that we felt we needed to share. The prints above are fun without being overbearing. Given the right extra accessories, these wallpapers could go in a child’s bedroom or a study. Top Three- After seeing this page we went to round up our three favorite butterfly wallpaper prints to share with you. This pattern, Textural Butterflies is great because the colors are bright but not overwhelming. The greens and blues work really well together. I could see this print in a bedroom or even a bathroom. Tall Grass with Butterflies is more serene pattern. The muted colors would be great for a study or library.  It could be matched to green or neutral décor. If you don’t want to commit, these multicolored butterflies are a good choice. They’re just peel and stick, so if you decide to move them it’s not a big deal.  The variety of colors would make this... View Article

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Roman Shades Reinvented

March 17, 2015 3:01 pm

Roman shades and stripes are classic design elements on their own, but when you put them together the results are amazing. Looking through This Old House and Architectural Digest we found two great examples of this. Crazy Colorful This room has varied color palate of blues and yellows that might be a little hard to match. By choosing window shades that have a few colors, one of which matching the walls, the window coverings don’t get lost in the design scheme. The roman shades give this room the structure and clean lines it needs. Get the Look: Premier Roman Shades in Windsor Cranberry with a flat fold style are a good choice. They will fold up the set of shades on the side do, but will also hang nicely when completely lowered. Simply Striped We love this room because of its simplicity. It has a really clean color palate that is easy to recreate. The fact that the chairs are upholstered in a fabric similar to the window shades show that the little details matter. Get the Look: Super Value Roman Shades in Troika Hemp are clean and not too busy. You could probably find a similar fabric to upholster chairs with... View Article

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